"Exchange of Experience"

On April 21, 2018, Good Neighbors Tajikistan, within agenda of its Income Generation activities, organized a program on the "Exchange of Experience" for beneficiaries from Shartuz region. More than twenty beneficiaries visited Jaihun District, to get familiar with the projects for growing strawberries and lemon. These projects were implemented by the PO "National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan" with financial support from USAID Central Asia. During the visit, the consultants of the PO “NABWT” demonstrated presentation of varieties of strawberries and the whole chain from growing to selling of these berries. The second half of the process of "sharing experiences" took place directly on the field sites where various varieties of strawberries were grown, and where the technique of drip irrigation and other subtleties of this sphere were visually demonstrated. Participants of this program received good experience and knowledge from this trip and were interested in implementation of this initiative on their sites.