Child Sponsorship

The direct sponsorship service provides children with quality education, good nutrition, and proper health care. The special protection program attends to children with special needs and severe illnesses.






 1. Direct support to sponsored children

 The NGO “Good Neighbors” in Tajikistan provides child sponsorship program

with the system of"One to One", meaning one sponsor for one sponsored child.

Through donations of sponsors sponsored children are supported in the form

of food, school supplies, etc.




 2. Gift/letter from the sponsor

 The sponsor sends a gift in form of money for child’s birthday, any holidays

or just for support.For this money the organization buys a gift with the desire of

the child or with the needs of the child’s family. The sponsored child writes

a letter to the sponsor in response. 




 3. Annual Report

 Annually the NGO “Good Neighbors” staff conducts annual report of each

sponsored child. In this report are mentioned all changes of the child, starting

from the health condition, height, weight, members of family ending with conditions 

of life of this child. This report is sent to the sponsor with the purpose of notification

about changes in life of the sponsored child.