Education and Protection


Every child has the right to development and protection. GNT promotes education through the provisions of quality early-childhood education and various educational programs. GNT also implements a comprehensive child protection program that will strengthen government strategies and will provide direct intervention to children who are most vulnerable to violence, exploitation, and abuse.




1. Actions in Local schools

GNT supports two local schools, Boarding School Navobod, in the frame of Navobod   CDP from 2006 and the school “Dusti” in the frame of Vahdat CDP from 2000. GNT helps to create the necessary conditions for local children in receiving quality of education.




2. Summer Camp 

All sponsored children have a chance to participate in special annual summer camp program. This is an unique opportunity for each child not only to broaden their outlook in education, to find peer friends from different regions of the republic, but also get positive emotions  and pleasant memories about their childhood in Summer Camp. Every year children not only receive pleasure from summer camp rest and different types of entertainments, but also the staff organizes different topics for discussion and further self-development, like, choosing the future profession, how to dream correctly and what means to be a volunteer. 




3. Puppet Show

"My body is priceless" this is a logo of program. During puppet show children  get not only enjoy, but also receive important information on how to protect themselves in dangerous situations, be ready to prevent of sexual violence. 







4. After school program

In the frame of the program “Dreams come true”, every month 25 children from 6 to 8th classes participate in 5 days program on choosing the future profession. During 5 days children not only understand the difference between profession and dream, but also there is organized Master Class for them, different entertaining and interactive games, visit to central museum and handing certificates of the organization for active participation, which gives stimulus, hope and confidence to each child for bride future. 





5. Seminar “Preparation of young parents” 

In recent years there has been an imbalance in upbringing of children by their parents, as most of the fathers are in labor migration, and a lot of worries are on the women's shoulders. As well lack of education for women and men is growing every year; children are mainly in the stage of self-education (upbringing). The organization came to a conclusion that it is necessary to withdraw from such a catastrophic situation together, meaning, together with parents and teachers to take action for children upbringing. With this aim, has been established and carried out the program "Training of young parents", based on the psychological program of famous psychologists, Herrington Park and Bamraynd where participating parents to discuss their problems, studying the proper relation to the child depending on his temperament and also learn the reason for the frequent change of children's mood.