This is defined not just as the absence of disease but the total well-being of a person. GNT’s interventions include the construction of health centres; support to hospitals and clinics; health education; provision of health equipment and supplies; hygiene kits, vitamins, and nutritional items distribution; feeding programs; medical check-up and special medical support.


1. Supporting to Medical centers 


 For improvement of access and quality of offered medical service for children and members of the community the Organization supports with obtaining medical facilities and equipping the medical centers and first-aid posts.



2. Medical check-up


All sponsored children pass annual medical check-up, which is strongly necessary for the families who do not have this kind of opportunities. This program allows finding different deceases in time and support in treatment of a child. 




3. Educational programs


For cooperation with local public organizations and associations “Good Neighbors Tajikistan” conducts different educational trainings for children and members of the community, such as prevention of infectious deceases, HIV/ AIDS, personal hygiene and etc. 




4. Special Medical Support


With the results of medical check-up, each project fills the special list where sponsored children with serious diseases are added. Further the Organization in every possible way seeks to organize the child full and qualitative medical service.