Water and Sanitation

 GNT want to improve access to safe drinking water to improve a life and Health of children and community people. So, GNT provides communities access to potable water by maximising existing water sources in the communities. Also provides hardware and conducts hygiene-education program in the communities—as a way of minimising, if not eliminating, waterborne diseases and diseases caused by poor hygiene.



1. Provision of hardware

GNT is implementing the WASH Grant programs in 4 villages of Navruz community for providing them with safe drinking water. In Mirzoobod and Korvon of Navruz community GNT is implementing drilling of wells in 2 locations, installation of transformer and pump, installation of water intake tower, installing the pipes from the pump to the tank and through the streets. In Sangoba and Karakamar villages of Navruz community there was conducted cleaning of channel, replacing of the deep well pump and repair of transformer.

GNT also is implementing the projects on drilling wells in two locations, installation of water intake tower, installation of the transformer and pump, installation of pipes from the wells till water tank, water distribution line through the streets in Khokak and Beshkappa communities of Shahrituz region.


2. Hygiene education

GNT through the WASH Grant programs is conducting the awareness programs on Sanitation and hygiene for the community people because majority of the population has lack of knowledge and awareness about basic hygiene, careful use of water and water-supply elements, infectious disease that are water born. Community people of the target villages are covered by seminars and training on water, on reliable access to safe clean, suitable for consumption water, development and prosperity of any community through respect for basic hygiene, infectious diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice and typhoid that are waterborne.

This education program is conducting for increasing awareness of community people about hygiene and sanitation; decrease the rate of diseases that arise from a lack of safe drinking water.  


3. Water Committee Management

GNT’s WASH project there is a plan to form the Water Committee in all target villages where there was provided access to safe drinking water from among local activists, community leaders, including the women. This Committee is doing control of the process of organizing the project, providing manpower during the construction and installation period, distribution and use of water. By the end of the project there is a plan to handover about giving further activities regarding the water-supply facility to the community local activists, regional government, to the water committee. GNT is planning to conduct meeting and trainings for the building of Committee members’ capacity by providing them with some training on technical and management skills, understanding of GNI WASH projects, about their role and responsibilities in future.