Community Partnership and Network Building

Communities are empowered by making them partners in carrying out GNT programs. GNT also builds linkages with organizations that share the same vision, mission, goals, and advocacy.






Network Building

GNT establishes and maintains partnerships with partner agencies, nongovernmental organizations, volunteer groups, professionals, local government units, schools, and the communities where GNT operates. GNT is closely cooperating with the representatives of the state structures, international and non-governmental organization, in function of which is bokep included a comprehensive development of local community with democratic and humanity principles.

In GNT partnership and networking building, there are implemented number of projects, the specific of which allows to place close contact with partners and donors for development of successful projects with the aim to improve socio-economic wellbeing of the community. 



*In 2016, GNT becomes a member of the REACT group which manages and involves disaster response and emergency relief .

*In May 2016, the Letter was signed on cooperation between Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan and GNT.

*In November 2016, the Memorandum was signed on cooperation between the CoES (Committee of Emergency Relieve Situations) in the Republic of Tajikistan and GNT.