This centers on the protection of children and the promotion of their rights as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). GNT tells and tries to support in resolving incidents of abuse, ignorance or neglect of child rights. Also GNT teaches children to understand gender equality's concept through several Gender equality programs.





1. International Children’s Day
Annually, GNT organizes festive concerts with participation of more than 700 children. For 1st of June – International Children’s Day, well-known famous people of Tajikistan, creative people not only make children happy, but also tell them about their rights and opportunities.




2. Worldwide Child Day
In 2015, for celebration of Convention Day Organization GNT conducted a drawing competition dedicated to 54 articles of the document, which has a record and gives guarantees on protecting the rights and freedoms of small people of the world - children. The Commission reviewed about 600 drawings received from children on the Convention and has chosen three best.
Children’s drawing shows the theme of equal rights and opportunities for children with disabilities; of protection of a child who does not have a family; of the fact that the child has the right to protect his health.
In addition to GNT conducted an essay contest on the theme "My Dream". More than 230 children have written about their wishes and their dreams.
A child’s essay expresses that she wanted to prove to her father that despite the fact that she was a girl she can achieve great success in her life, and her father made a big mistake, leaving their family just because there were only girls born.


3. Gender equality
GNT provides some gender equality programs for Tajikistan women. Gender equality - a concept that implies the achievement of the objectives of equality of rights between men and women. Gender equality is associated with human rights, especially the rights of women, taking into account this year in 5 regions of GNT in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations conducting trainings and seminars, educating women and girls about their rights and opportunities to protect their rights.