Emergency Relief

This responds to the immediate needs of communities affected by disasters through the provisions of drinking water, food, hygiene kitsand other immediate needs. A rapid needs assessment is conducted to evaluate if the area needs further intervention, such as rehabilitation.





2016. Mudslides in Rudaki region

In May 2016, because of heavy rains the level of Elok river in Rudaki district raised and with this reason it overflowed its banks, flooded the Jamoats, the territories of the Zaynabobod, Adolat, Fayzoba, Sadokat, Komsomol-1 and Komsomol-2 villages, ruined 1146 residential buildings. GNT quickly organized the humanitarian aid and with the support of Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan (CoES) staff made the distribution to the affected population






2016. Providing assistance to victims of the earthquake in Badakhshan – Bartang village

In December 2015, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan was a strong earthquake with the magnitude of 7.2 to 8. The victims were more than thousand people. GNT together with the Embassy of Korean Republic in the Republic of Tajikistan conducted the first aid in the form of food, kitchen utensils and appliances, warm clothing for children and adults, as well provided separate aid to the buildings (schools, dormitory, and kindergarten) where at that time the affected population lived in.






2015. Mudslides in Rasht district – Bedak village

For 300 families, the GNT together with Embassy of Korean Republic in the Republic of Tajikistan provided humanitarian aid in form of food, Kitchen utensils, clothes, school bags and stationery for children.







2015. Mudslides in GBAO – Barsem village

Another mud flow occurred in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, GNT together with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Tajikistan has provided humanitarian aid to the affected families.






2014. Mudslides in Rudaki region

In May 2014, Rudaki region, Rudaki and Yovon region had very heavy rain, which brought to mudslides and affected more than 400 people’s houses, utility buildings, as well agricultural lands. The effected population of the Rudaki region was provided with clothes and foodstuff.






2012. Earthquake in Gharm region and mudslides in Navobod town.

GNT quickly reacted to the emergency situation, mobilized effort and timely supported with humanitarian aid to the affected population.










2010. Earthquake in Banj region and mudslides in Kulob town

In January 2010, IN Vanj region of GBAO there was an earthquake with the magnitude of 5.3, epicenter of which was 230km southeast from Dushanbe and 77km from Khorog town. As a result of the incident with earthquake more than 600 people remained without shelter. GNT provided a humanitarian aid to the affected people in the emergency situation.








2006. Earthquake in Kumsangir of Khatlon region of the Republic of Tajikistan.

GNT provides support for the affected population. Working together with government agencies and local communities provides much-needed humanitarian assistance.






2000. Providing support in emergency situations for refugees from Afghanistan

On the Tajik-Afghan border to escape combat operations between the Northern Alliance forces and supporters of "Taliban" movement, around 7000 Afghan refugees located themselves on the border zone of the Panj River. International Organization "Good Neighbors" has provided necessary food and clothing.