Teaching Puppets

 Last years, the world community is facing the problems of child violence. This problem unfortunately is very urgent as well in our country and most of the time brings to death or disappearance of our small and unprotected citizens. What to do and how to protect our children? How to bring and correctly explain them how to behave? How to self-protect and do not believe in lies of someone even familiar parents, who with different ways can lie to the child and accomplish their crime.

With this aim, International Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization “Good Neighbors” made a decision to organize the Puppet Show called “My body is precious”, in the frame of the project “I can protect myself” with the participation of the children themselves.

This program is very easy in content and deep in meaning, understandable to children and very interesting. As well the program is effective because children receive information from puppets and this is much easier to perceive and stays in minds of children for a long time, as well is transferred to other children.  In this photo there are children – actors of Shahrituz Region, who during 4 days learned the methods of doing the Puppet show by the organization staff and in future will conduct the Puppet Show to other children in their region.