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Nilufar (Osobyy sluchay)

Good Neighbors / Nilufar (Osobyy sluchay)

Hope is lost, it seems that there is no way out …

Employees of Good Neighbors Tajikistan found themselves on the doorstep of Nilufar’s house at a moment that the house was planned to be put up for sale. Nilufar needed finances for treatment …

Nilufar Saidkulova, a resident of Vakhdat, is one of the sponsor child of GNT. Since 2019, she has been plagued by pain in her spine. After numerous tests and analyzes, Nilufar was diagnosed with a benign tumor of the spine, which was an obstacle to independent movement.

After careful thinking, the staff of the organization decided to send Nilufar to Burdenko National Medical Center for Neurosurgery in Moscow. Simultaneously, Good Neighbors Tajikistan we contacted the “Podari zhizn” charity foundation.

Together with the foundation, Good Neighbors Tajikistan fully covered the flight, surgery and postoperative rehabilitation for the Nilufar family.

While the family was in Moscow, our compatriots helped them with the food and at the airport they were met by philanthropist Rustam Rustamov and he helped solve emerging issues.

In March of this year, the operation was successfully carried out. We were in touch with the Nilufar family. We were happy to receive good news from them, one of the main ones that is that Nilufar can now walk, she again began to smile and enjoy walking.

On November 11, 2020, we met Nilufar at GNT headquarters in Dushanbe. Talked, wished her health, further success in her studies…

Good Neighbors staff are exciting to see her happy.