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Good Neighbors / GNT WASH Sector


Water supply

Supporting of people’s access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is main objective of the GNT WASH sector. Water, Hygiene and sanitation are essential for the health and ultimately life. It is also crucial to good health. GNT WASH Sector works jointly with communities in order to ensure sufficient safe water for everyone. We promote people’s awareness of good hygiene and sanitary practices. Good Neighbors Tajikistan WASH Sector supports national and local interventions on promotion of hygiene and establishes equitable, sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation services in schools and through that increases access to quality education. Schools activities of GNT WASH Sector is aimed to improve the health and learning performance of school-aged children, reducing the incidence of water and sanitation-related diseases.Theobjective is to establish child friendly schools which is requires appropriate WASH initiatives that keep the school environment clean and free from smells and inhibit the transmission of infection diseases.