Income Generation


The Income Generation program aims to build economic capacity and stability, contributing to an overall increase of the families’ economic condition. Ventures under the program are needs based livelihood projects operating to make communities economically functional and sustainable. Aside from its economic objective, livelihood programs also develop the skills of its members while utilizing local materials and resources within their respective communities.





 Sewing IGG- 258 households are involved

GNT is supporting and empowering girls and women from vulnerable families through organizing sewing classes in urban districts of Vahdat, Rudaki and rural Rasht and Shahrituz regions. Through these 3-month free courses the participants learn new skills and after graduation get certificates (diplomas) as seamstresses. Each participant also receives sewing machines for continuing their business at home and earning money through their service. 



Livestock IGG- 127 households are involved

GNT expand its activity in different areas and starting from 2016 supporting the families in rural areas by providing livestock (bull, calf, cow) for people in need. Through this project GN is contributing in development of agricultural business in Tajikistan and especially promoting families income generation, through livestock program. Livestock breeding gives to their owner’s different products such as: milk, meat, wool, skin, manure (fertilizer), bricks of dry dung (used as fuel in arid woodless regions) and every year the number of livestock will increase and the families can have steady income. 




Greenhouses IGG- 32 households are involved

GNT is supporting agricultural projects in different regions and providing the farmers with construction materials for installation of greenhouses. After installation of greenhouses the agrarians, propose for high quality seeds and other equipment (pump, sprayer etc.). During the winter season farmers are growing vegetables (tomato, cucumber etc.) in greenhouses and sell their product in a higher price receiving better income. 




Poultry farming- 5 households are involved

Demand for eggs has grown steadily in recent years, a substantial portion of which is satisfied through imports. GNT launched poultry farming project for vulnerable families and hold seminars and trainings on “Type of hens, feeding and vaccination schedule”. These seminars help the participants better manage their poultry farm and receive steady income.  Also these families are provided with construction materials for building chicken houses and received per 50-hens each household. By following the standards of feeding and vaccination they receive up to 80-90% of eggs which is a perceptible income for the family budget.