How Donations are spent

To Whom we together helped!



Ruziboy Kenjaeva has curvature of the spine - scoliosis of the 4th degree.

A girl from a poor family, her mother has no education,

father is unemployed, this was one of the reasons

why the child is not treated in time.

Child Disease brought to such a degree,

that the right blade is beginning to put pressure on the heart.

The child needed urgent surgery.

Only the operation had been spent 8,000 somoni.

4000 TJS local fees - through donation boxes in public places

4000 TJS contribution of the Good Neighbors.


Rakhmatulloyev Inoyatullo - 13 years.

Suffered from severe burns in the abdomen, right arm and neck.

Needed emergency surgery. A child from a low-income and

large family of Shahrituz area, which consists of eight people.

He successfully carried out an operation on the skin transplant in 2016.

On the operation spent 2600 somoni.

(50% local fees and 50% contribution of the organization)


Ismoili Sijoudin - 7 years - was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Family of needy and large, consists of 9 people live in the Rasht district.

The child is desperately needed in the operation.

In 2016, he successfully carried out an operation of the heart defect.

Needed amount was 30,000 somoni:

• Contribution through boxes - 7400 somoni

• Contribution by QIWI terminal - 7819 somoni

• Personal family contribution - 2800 somoni

• Contribution of the International Neighbourhood organization-11 981 somoni


Hojimurod Astankulov - 8 years.

He received severe burns of the whole body 38%.

He went through skin graft surgery


Sojida Ulfotova - Congenital splitting of upper lip

(Double-sided) and splitting of solid and

the soft palate (two-way).

She underwent surgery, but still have to go through 2 operations


Erkinjon Umirzokov - 14 years.

In 10 months the child received burn of 4 degrees.

He underwent successful surgery - skin grafts

and restoring functions of fingers, so this child

could hold independently items.


Nazira Sultonova - child from a needy family was carried out

successful operation of heart disease in 2015.

And today we can observe of her progress in studies!